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INFOGRAPHIC | 2019 Manager and Executive Compensation in Hospitals and Health Systems

View highlights from SullivanCotter’s 2019 Manager and Executive Compensation in Hospitals and Health Systems Survey. Now in its 27th year, this survey is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

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INFOGRAPHIC | Advanced Practice Provider Productivity

As health care organizations look for ways to improve patient access and control costs, effectively measuring and projecting the clinical productivity of their advanced practice providers (APPs) is imperative.

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Compliance Today | Best Practices for a Compliant, Aligned Professional Services Agreement

SullivanCotter discusses how a systematic review of professional services agreements can help health systems better assess regulatory and financial risk, standardize contracting terms, and refine processes and oversight for contracting with providers.

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Financial Investment News | Study Reveals Compensation Levels for Nonprofit Investment Staff

Performance-based compensation continues to be a key component of pay for investment staff at private foundations and university endowments.

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From Volume to Value: Managing Provider Performance

Managing provider performance and compensation has grown increasingly complex, and many organizations lack the proper tools and technology to support this process. To help uncover opportunities for improvement, we facilitated a series of focus groups with hospitals, health systems and medical groups ranging in size from 500 - 2,000 providers.

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Modern Healthcare | 2019: Annual Executive Compensation Article

Learn more from Modern Healthcare's annual executive compensation article, featuring data from SullivanCotter's 2019 Manager and Executive Compensation in Hospitals and Health Systems Survey and insights from Managing Principals Bruce Greenblatt and Tom Pavlik.

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INFOGRAPHIC | 2018 Not-for-Profit Manager and Executive Compensation Survey

View highlights from the results of our 2018 Not-for-Profit Manager and Executive Compensation Survey, which features data from 121 organizations and focuses exclusively on compensation and benefits practices in service and charitable organizations, trade and professional associations, research institutes, health plans, education and more.

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INFOGRAPHIC | 2018 Physician On-Call and Telemedicine Compensation Survey

View highlights from SullivanCotter's 2018 Physician On-Call and Telemedicine Compensation Survey, featuring data from 255 different organizations on 2,372 individual call contracts.

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INFOGRAPHIC | Unrestricted On-Call Pay for Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced practice providers (APPs) continue to be an important resource as organizations strive to meet patient demand. Developing an effective on-call pay approach for APPs helps to increase patient access and support care coverage needs, and understanding the data and benchmarks regarding this premium pay practice is critical.

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CASE STUDY | The Value of APPs in Driving Organizational Performance

Learn how SullivanCotter partnered with PCH to develop a comprehensive APP workforce and utilization strategy aligned with system-wide goals and objectives – helping to drive organizational performance while enhancing patient access, quality of care, and APP retention and satisfaction.

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INFOGRAPHIC | 2018 Benefits Practices in Hospitals and Health Systems Survey

View highlights from two different sections of SullivanCotter's 2018 Benefits Practices in Hospitals and Health Systems Survey, featuring data from more than 200 health care organizations.

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AHA Trustee Insights | Key Action Steps for the Compensation Committee

To help ensure continued alignment between health care executive compensation and key organizational objectives, SullivanCotter highlights important steps for the compensation committee to consider when re-evaluating these programs.

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