Status quo total rewards programs are no longer effective as employee expectations change alongside an evolving health care landscape.

Evaluating Total Rewards programs—by workforce type, component and aggregate—to identify cost savings, synergies, market gaps, value improvements, and risks helps organizations attract, retain, and engage talent in today’s tight labor market.

Combining data-driven intelligence with a highly customized approach to total rewards and workforce performance solutions, SullivanCotter helps health care organizations nationwide achieve their business objectives and fulfill their missions while complying with the changing regulatory environment. Backed by 25 years of research, analytics, and insight, we offer the most widely recognized health care suite of compensation and benefits surveys in the industry – including information on executives, physicians, advanced practice providers and other employees.

SullivanCotter understands the unique needs of the health care workforce compared to general industry, and helps clients balance those needs to address the total workforce by designing programs that are as similar as possible, but as different as necessary.

Is your organization up to speed? It’s time for a Total Rewards diagnostic.

SullivanCotter can help you address the following:

Optimize Your Total Rewards Strategy

An effective total rewards strategy addresses key stakeholder perspectives to ensure programs are optimized to meet your changing organization and employee needs:

  • What’s right for our organization?

  • What’s right for our employees?

  • Are we competitive in the market?

  • Are we fiscally responsible?

Total Rewards Framework

Developing and maintaining an effective total rewards program is iterative – organization objectives change, and programs are modified, implemented, and assessed annually against key performance metrics to determine the level of achievement.  An approach to total rewards based on program outcomes focuses on fulfilling the organization’s purpose, values, mission, and financial goals.

Attract, retain and engage key talent with a competitive compensation and rewards program.

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