Addressing Emerging Compensation Trends and Pay Practices

As ongoing workforce shortages persist due to burnout, unfavorable working conditions and an insufficient pipeline of future clinicians, many health care organizations are looking for better ways to recruit and retain registered nurses (RNs) in an unprecedented market for talent.

By collecting data midyear, this survey provides the most up-to-date information on nursing salary trends, pay practices and important operational measures for end-of-year budgeting and market analysis – empowering your organization to remain competitive and effectively shape your RN workforce structure moving forward.

Survey Highlights

  • Six months of base pay data trends
  • Information on premium pay practices unique to the RN population:
    • Per diem
    • Float
    • Weekender
    • Travelers
    • Clinical ladders
    • Specialty on call
    • And more
  • Insight into staffing ratios and turnover
  • Operational measures for RN leaders
  • Data reported by setting, specialty, experience and level
  • Collecting data on over 100 key nursing jobs, including RNs, nursing managers and licensed practical nurses

Enhanced Report Delivery

  • The compensation and pay practices benchmarks are delivered via SullivanCotter’s web-based Benchmarks360™ product suite — providing users with self-serve analytics dashboards for their unique reporting needs

Learn About Our Full Survey Suite

Gaining access to the right data is paramount. SullivanCotter’s proprietary survey data provides the intelligence and insights you’ll need to confidently navigate the compensation journey and make highly-informed decisions.

Enhanced Multiphase Auditing Process

Our participant experience includes an audit process that allows organizations to identify year-over-year discrepancies and areas of concern, contributes to the robustness and integrity of our data and provides greater confidence in report accuracy. If audits are needed, SullivanCotter emails participants when their audits are ready. After which, they may log in to their accounts to clarify and submit feedback via secure communication.

New Participant Experience

Log in to the Client Portal for a new and improved user interface and experience that allows you to submit data (i.e., APP, benefits, employee, executive, investment and physician) once and qualify for all applicable surveys, delegate survey tasks across your organization to other colleagues and more easily participate in the data collection process

2024 Registered Nursing Compensation Survey

2024 Survey Participation Is Closed

Contribute to Gain Participation Privileges

Your participation ensures that your data are part of this valuable resource, providing you with robust, comprehensive information used by not-for-profit organizations across all market segments. In addition, participants receive exclusive, discounted pricing on valuable data and reports and early access to survey results.

Participation in our surveys is made easy through our online data collection tool

Non-health care organizations are welcome to participate in the survey on their client’s behalf; however, they are not eligible to purchase the report at the participant rate. Please call 888.739.7039 or email for pricing.

Reduced Pricing for Participants:

  • 2024 Survey Participants: $1,050
  • 2024 Early Submission Discount: $200 off participant price
  • Health Care Nonparticipants (organizations directly involved in the delivery of care): $4,200
  • Non-Health Care Organizations: Please call 888.739.7039 or email for pricing

Key Dates:

Participation opens: July 2, 2024
Deadline for early submission discount: July 17, 2024
Deadline for participation: August 16, 2024
Benchmarks publication: October 2024
Current status: Closed for participation


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact our Survey Team by phone at 888.739.7039 or by email at

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