Associations are vital to the trades, professions and industries for which they were founded.

By helping to create an ongoing dialogue surrounding a number of current social, economic and technological trends, they serve to unite the organizations and people working together to protect and promote various interests. In order to remain competitive, associations must position themselves for success by attracting and retaining the top talent in their field.

SullivanCotter works with not-for-profit health care, business, trade and other associations to develop and implement competitive compensation, benefits and talent strategies that align with their missions and organizational objectives. With access to data-driven intelligence and actionable insights, we help associations attract and engage top talent and strategically optimize their executive and employee workforces to better serve their stakeholders.

Our deep experience with not-for-profits allows us to deliver custom services to associations, including:

Executive Compensation and Governance
  • Designing, evaluating and implementing executive total compensation programs
  • Selecting appropriate and defensible peer groups for compensation benchmarking
  • Determining and documenting reasonableness of compensation programs to help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Developing incoming and outgoing executive compensation and benefits packages
Employee Compensation
  • Designing competitive cash compensation programs, including salary and incentive programs
  • Developing salary administration strategies, including salary structure design and evaluation
  • Analyzing programs for external competitiveness and internal equity
Board Compensation and Governance
  • Educating board on best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Designing, evaluating and implementing board compensation programs
  • Researching and facilitating best practices in board governance

Recruit, engage and retain top talent for your association.

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