July 11, 2024

Organizational Design Matters: How Health Care is Evolving to Combat Labor Shortages

The demand for health care is at an all-time high. Can the industry keep up?

With the health care workforce crisis in full swing, the industry requires more agile and innovative solutions if it hopes to forge a sustainable path forward.

Ongoing labor shortages remain a primary concern for many health care organizations nationwide – especially as patient demand increases. Those unable to adjust may struggle with rising costs, lower quality of care, and patient access.

Recently featured in Forbes, SullivanCotter’s President and CEO, Ted Chien, highlights how true transformation requires the industry to:

  • Modernize clinical staffing models through a greater understanding of patient population needs
  • Optimize organization design with insight into the size, shape, and cost of the employee population
  • Modify our vision of talent to prioritize upskilling in preventative health, build the nursing pipeline, and nurture non-traditional pathways to clinical employment
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