WEBINAR RECORDING | How COVID-19 Has Changed the Utilization and Deployment of Advanced Practice Providers

Cutting Edge Issues and Trends in Health Care Fair Market Value

Webinar from the American Health Law Association which features SullivanCotter’s Trish Anen discussing the impact of COVID-19 on advanced practice provider (APP) utilization, deployment and compensation strategies.


Length: 90 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
Price: $149

Description: Historically, physicians were the sole clinical provider for most patients across the country. Over the past few decades, the rise of nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and physician assistants (Advanced Practice Providers or APPs) have expanded the concept of a clinical provider.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health systems across the country to redeploy APPs in various ways and, as a result, many restrictions regarding APP practice have been waived.  This webinar focuses compensation strategies for these individuals and discussed the long term implications for the effective utilization of APPs.

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