January 5, 2024

Median total cash compensation for physician and APPs continues to grow across all major specialty areas

SullivanCotter’s recent survey findings indicate that total cash compensation for physician and advanced practice providers is growing at a faster rate than in previous years.

There are a number of factors likely contributing to this growth:

  • Ongoing pandemic recovery
  • Changes in physician and APP supply
  • Transition to the new Physician Fee Schedule
  • Indirect response to inflation
  • Compensation increases in nursing and other clinical support roles

Learn more about median TCC by specialty area and track the growth in annual compensation for Primary Care, Medical, Surgical and Hospital-Based specialties over the past five years. Findings are from SullivanCotter’s 2023 Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey and SullivanCotter’s 2023 APP Compensation and Productivity Survey.

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