Attracting and Retaining Health Care Talent: Insight into Remote Work and Geographic Pay

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated dramatic shifts within the health care industry and has become a catalyst for changes to the way in which the workforce operates. This impacts all critical aspects of the human capital strategy – including wellbeing, staffing resources and remote work arrangements. As some organizations are transitioning back into the office, hospitals and health systems need to rethink which employees can and should work remotely, what these arrangements should look like, and how they should be paid.

With the increase in remote work, even within health care, issues around geographic pay have become a priority. Now, instead of having employees work at different, but specified geographic locations, some employees may work from anywhere. Certainly, local compensation structures will continue to be important, especially in health care, but an employer’s considerations around geographic pay have become much more nuanced, with many considering a single pay structure for some employee groups — especially general staff and remote employees.

Given all these changes, organizations may need to draft and/or update any existing policies that define their remote work and geographic pay strategy and procedures. This will help to support consistent application, communication, and understanding, and will also ensure that policies align with overall sourcing, talent, and compensation strategies. Health care organizations have unique workplace challenges, so it is prudent to look at remote work and its impact on pay and staffing models differently than in other industries.

This webinar highlights data from SullivanCotter’s 2022 Remote Work and Geographic Pay pulse survey to help address some of the top compensation issues that health care organizations are facing in today’s marketplace for talent.

Looking for additional insight? Download a copy of our Remote Work and Geographic Pay infographic.

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