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Pandemic May Pound Lopsided Physician Pay Model Into Shape

Will pandemic-driven changes to physician compensation affect pay programs in the long-term?

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care organizations were faced with a number of unprecedented challenges as in-person visits were delayed and elective surgeries postponed. Many responded by having to implement pay cuts, furloughs and/or layoffs – and the physician workforce was not immune to these changes.

Featured in a July 2020 edition of Modern Healthcare, SullivanCotter helps to evaluate how these pandemic-driven changes to physician compensation programs may indeed be a sign of more significant long-term changes to come if the current surge in cases and situation continues. Despite consistent year over year increases in total compensation, according to SullivanCotter’s Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey, organizations will now need to reassess physician pay models in light of recent events to help maintain operations and support future sustainability.


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