Modern Healthcare | 2022 Annual Executive Compensation Article

Health care organizations report changes in executive compensation to address competitive marketplace for leadership talent

SullivanCotter featured in Modern Healthcare’s annual executive compensation issue


With pandemic-related burnout and unplanned retirements both on the rise, health care organizations nationwide are balancing the need for competitive executive recruitment and retention strategies with ongoing financial pressures.

This year, the median base salaries for health care executives increased modestly while median total cash compensation grew at a higher rate as incentive award payouts reflect a recovery year from the onset of the pandemic.

Featuring data and insights from SullivanCotter’s 2022 Health Care Management and Executive Compensation Survey, Modern Healthcare discusses the increasingly competitive marketplace for leadership talent and how it has impacted leadership compensation and pay practices this year.

Looking for additional data and benchmarks?

SullivanCotter recently released it’s annual Health Care Management and Executive Compensation Survey Report.

This year’s report includes data from more than 3,000 health care organizations on approximately 42,500 individual managers and executives. For more than 30 years, this survey has provided data-driven intelligence on executive and management compensation trends and pay practices to help inform impactful decision-making.

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