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Discover how the size, shape and cost of your health care workforce compares to the market with data from SullivanCotter’s growing Workforce Metrics Benchmark Survey database.

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Workforce Structure and Cost

Evaluating your workforce structure to optimize the mix of management and staff-level employees can help to streamline performance while also reducing costs. To help address an ongoing health care workforce crisis, organizations require critical insight into the size, shape, and cost of their employee population. Optimizing your workforce structure to ensure an efficient mix of management and staff employees can help streamline performance while also managing costs.

Managerial Oversight and Span of Control

Looking to reduce the cost of labor and enhance employee autonomy, satisfaction, and engagement? As health care organizations look for better ways to optimize care delivery and improve performance, evaluating the number of direct and indirect reports can identify opportunities to streamline managerial oversight. This helps to reduce the cost of labor and can lead to improved employee autonomy, engagement, and satisfaction.

Workforce Size

Are you struggling to manage the size and complexity of your employee population? Understanding workforce growth and distribution across different job families and how this compares to the market plays a key role in effective workforce planning.

Workforce Demographics

Looking to build a more diverse and representative workforce? As important diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives remain a top priority for health care organizations nationwide, many seek greater insight into the composition of their employee populations as represented across race, gender, and other demographic characteristics. 

Dive deeper into the data with this year’s survey report. 

Effectively managing the size, shape, and cost of your employee workforce remains a top priority in a complex marketplace.

The 2023 Workforce Metrics Benchmark Survey includes critical data on clinical and non-clinical job families, 6 career-level categories, and important demographic groupings to help answer critical workforce planning concerns.  

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