INFOGRAPHIC | COVID-19 Executive and Employee Compensation Practices Survey

August 2020 – Market Response to COVID-19: Executive and Employee Compensation

In response to COVID-19, hospitals and health systems have taken various actions related to compensation and workforce practices to help mitigate certain financial challenges and plan for the “new normal.” As the pandemic continues, organizations are starting to revert to pre-COVID-19 compensation levels while at the same time preparing for potential future surges by building a more flexible workforce.

SullivanCotter’s COVID-19 Executive and Employee Compensation Practices Survey series, which includes data from 108 hospitals and health systems, highlights the compensation and workforce-related actions organizations have implemented or are considering.

We expect that workforce practices will continue to evolve as the calendar year-end approaches and organizations begin planning for 2021. In order to keep health care organizations up to date on emerging trends related to COVID-19, we will monitor developments in real time.

Please note: Data reflect responses as of August 13 – 20, 2020.

You can also view the May and April data as a point of comparison.


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