Hospitals and health systems continue to experience tension between the need to manage labor costs and health care staff compensation with the reality of employee workforce shortages

In 2020, there was a sense that COVID-19 was a temporary pandemic. Organizations were responding to a developing situation and dealing with staffing shortages in key areas.

Results from SullivanCotter’s 2021 Health Care Staff Compensation Survey help to shed some light on the impact of the pandemic on the industry’s employee workforce. Featuring data from over 1,100 organizations representing nearly 1.2 million individuals, more than 600 positions and 14 pay categories, this dataset provides insight into key specialties and support functions including nursing, clinical, rehab, IT, finance, human resources and more.

With the realization that COVID-19 will be a long-term challenge, organizations have had to shift their strategies to create more permanent solutions in order to recruit and retain staff in an increasingly competitive labor market. We expect to see the impact of these changes reflected in our 2022 survey results.

The 2022 survey is now open! Submit data to gain access to exclusive participant benefits.


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