INFOGRAPHIC | 2020 Health Care Staff Compensation Survey

Key considerations for the health care employee workforce during COVID-19 and through 2021 and beyond

Employee compensation programs are shifting to address changing market dynamics and mitigate the financial implications of COVID-19. Considering the current impact of the pandemic, the 2020 survey benchmarks represent the best data reference point for use in the near future.

Organizations have been impacted by the pandemic to varying degrees, so it is important that each organization analyzes their unique circumstances when utilizing this market data. Applying a holistic approach will allow each organization to consider future changes that are the best fit for their situation rather than an industry best practice.

SullivanCotter’s 2020 Health Care Staff Compensation Survey contains data from nearly 1,200 organizations on approximately 1,194,900 individual employees.

The 2021 survey is now open for participation!


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