CRNA Compensation: Supporting Recruitment and Retention

Establishing competitive CRNA compensation packages

Originally published by the American Association of Provider Compensation Professionals


As the demand for the anesthesiology workforce continues to increase but provider supply remains flat or even starts to decline, health care organizations will need to reevaluate their CRNA recruitment and retention strategies in order to ensure effective staffing and coverage.

A critical cornerstone of these strategies is the establishment of competitive CRNA compensation packages and desirable practice environments aligned with evolving CRNA preferences and market trends. Insight into emerging compensation and pay practices, access to reliable market data, and close consideration of employment status and work effort expectations will help organizations to attract, retain and engage this increasingly hard-to-recruit workforce more effectively.

In this article, SullivanCotter provides insight into:

  • Current CRNA recruitment and retention challenges organizations are experiencing
  • Effectively using market data to help determine CRNA compensation – including insight into base salary, incentives, employment status, work effort and premium pay
  • Additional considerations such as practice models, location-specific practice patterns and more
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