ARTICLE | Assessing Pay Equity

November 29, 2023

Build and Sustain Value-Based Workplaces

Originally published by the American Association of Provider Compensation Professionals


Fairness is a universal value that we acquire early in life. Children are quick to point out the injustices they encounter in their lives with the oft-repeated expression, “That’s not fair!” Over time, our concept of fairness expands to the concept of equity, which translates individual experiences to those at the group identity level (such as men versus women).

As adults, we have perceptions of what is equitable and what is not, including when it comes to compensation. When compensation is not perceived to be equitable, an emotional reaction may be elicited in response. Sometimes, this response is useful and other times, it can
be destructive.

How, then, do we effectively monitor, measure, and achieve pay equity in our health care organizations to encourage calm waters?

In this article, SullivanCotter provides insight into:

  • Important factors impacting pay equity such hiring and selection regime, supporting staff resources, training and career opportunities, quality of leadership and mentoring, and more
  • The driving forces behind pay equity studies
  • A defined process for completing a pay equity study to ensure it yields optimal benefits
  • Practical application of pay equity study results including both preventative measures and remediation actions
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