April 18, 2024

Addressing the Health Care Workforce Crisis: Succession Planning and the Role of a Dynamic Provider Needs Assessment

Originally published by the American Association of Provider Compensation Professionals


Health care organizations are under pressure to ensure proper staffing and continuity of care to support the communities they serve. In addition to determining the right number and type of clinicians, organizations must also monitor potential retirements and reductions in clinical productivity levels to help inform succession planning needs. As more physicians ease into retirement over the next 3-5 years, having a succession plan in place can help fill key vacancies and support an overall talent strategy.

In this article, SullivanCotter discusses:

  • Addressing the imbalance in clinical supply and demand
  • Assessing clinical workforce requirements and succession planning
  • Deploying a dynamic Provider Needs Assessment (PNA)
  • Measuring the impact of clinical talent demand on compensation
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