INFOGRAPHIC | Considerations for Addressing the 2021 E&M Work RVU Changes

SullivanCotter highlights a list of considerations organizations should be thinking about as they look to address CMS' final 2021 changes to the E&M CPT codes and their corresponding work RVU values.

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team of physicians assessing medical data and health records

INFOGRAPHIC | 2021 Evaluation and Management CPT Code Changes

Learn more about the upcoming 2021 adjustments to the Evaluation and Management CPT codes and how to assess the potential impact on physician compensation and productivity.

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E&M Codes

Physicians: 2021 Evaluation and Management CPT Codes

SullivanCotter evaluates the impact of the 2021 Evaluation and Management CPT code changes on important physician compensation and productivity survey benchmarks.

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Navigating Commercial Reasonableness of Physician Compensation Arrangements

Understanding Commercial Reasonableness in the context of a rapidly changing health care environment is critical, but navigating what this requirement entails can often be challenging.

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