Achieving True Health Care Transformation

Health care leaders of today must strike a delicate balance that requires managing financial and growth metrics, increasing the speed of transformation, and building the health systems of tomorrow.

So how do we redefine compensation models to reward all these behaviors?

Recently published in MedCity News, SullivanCotter’s President and CEO, Ted Chien, discusses how organizations can adjust their approach to executive compensation to help deliver transformative change:

“Executive compensation might not spring to mind as a key driver of health care transformation, nor does it seem naturally connected to critical issues such as health equity, patient safety, or quality of care – just a few of the areas where significant changes can be made to transform health care. But, in fact, executives leading not-for-profit health systems today are tasked with delivering measurable results that improve the health status of their patients and their communities. And to ensure that these new performance metrics are met, we must change how we think about —and deliver—compensation.”

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