PRESS RELEASE | SullivanCotter Partners with Paradigm for Parity®

Reinforcing SullivanCotter’s commitment to championing gender equality in corporate leadership positions

Chicago, IL | March 8, 2022

SullivanCotter, the nation’s leading independent consulting firm in the assessment and development of total rewards programs, workforce solutions, and technology and data products for the health care industry and not-for-profit sector, is pleased to announce its commitment to achieving gender parity within the firm’s executive leadership team by 2030.

“Ensuring an equitable and inclusive workforce has long been a cornerstone of SullivanCotter’s mission, vision and values. As a member of the Paradigm for Parity® movement, we are reinforcing our commitment to actively closing the gender gap by enhancing female representation and ensuring women of all cultures, races and backgrounds are able to thrive and advance within our firm,” said Ted Chien, President and CEO, SullivanCotter.

By implementing the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan, SullivanCotter is part of a coalition of companies dedicated to promoting gender equality through the minimization or elimination of unconscious bias in the workplace. The plan calls for members to accelerate the pace of change by significantly increasing the number of women in senior operating roles to 30% in the near-term, measuring targets and maintaining accountability by providing regular progress reports, basing career progress on business results and performance, and providing sponsors, not just mentors, to help position women leaders for long-term success.

“Paradigm for Parity® is excited to welcome SullivanCotter to our coalition of companies working to close the corporate leadership gender gap for women of all races, cultures and backgrounds,” said Sandra Quince, CEO, Paradigm for Parity®. “Using our Paradigm for Parity® Toolkit and 5-Point Action Plan, companies can act on their commitments to gender parity and accelerate the advancement of women into leadership positions. We applaud SullivanCotter’s dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion to achieve gender parity in corporate leadership.”

SullivanCotter’s Women’s Council, a group formed to raise awareness of women’s experiences and promote a workplace culture of balance and inclusivity, will help to identify opportunities and recommend initiatives designed to support the Paradigm for Parity® Roadmap as the firm moves forward with its pledge.

About the Paradigm for Parity® Movement

The Paradigm for Parity® coalition is comprised of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity.

The coalition created the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan for corporations to accelerate the pace of gender equity in senior executive roles. This unique agenda defines bold and specific actions that, taken together and simultaneously implemented as a package, will catalyze change and enable today’s business executives to secure the best leaders of tomorrow. Visit or follow us on Twitter using @p4parity to learn more about this exciting initiative.


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