PODCAST | 2024 Priorities for the Board Compensation Committee

Tune into our expert-led podcast to elevate your executive compensation strategy!


The complexity of operations is at an all-time high for many hospitals and health systems nationwide. As some leaders continue to step away – leaving a critical gap in expertise – the search for qualified executive talent is more pressing than ever.

Here at SullivanCotter, we understand that securing leadership capable of leading through such change while balancing ongoing financial constraints is easier said than done.

In this AHLA-sponsored podcast, we collaborate with legal expert Michael Peregrine to provide a blueprint for compensation committees to follow as they redefine their approach to executive compensation.

Tune in to hear us tackle topics such as:

  • Differentiating rewards in a dynamic marketplace
  • Aligning talent strategy with important recruitment and retention needs
  • Assessing incentive plan effectiveness
  • Implementing critical governance structures
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