June 5, 2024

Projected Impact Analysis: G2211 Add-On Code

To understand the potential implications on physician compensation, SullivanCotter analyzed the projected impact of the new G2211 add-on code from the 2024 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS).

Key Considers for Organizations:

  • As patient volume increases, governmental reimbursement decreases and most commercial payors continue to lag
  • Market surveys will not reflect the 2024 PFS until the 2025 survey cycle – making annual budgeting decisions more challenging
  • Organizations with wRVU-based compensation structures must carefully evaluate the impact of the G2211 add-on code to determine wRVU targets and TCC/wRVU rates
  • For those using predominantly salary-based models, understanding the financial impact of this code change will be an important consideration for setting salary budgets
  • Organizations should remain flexible in evaluating rewards programs in an ever-changing market
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