Infographic: 2017 Health Care Executive Compensation Insights

Sustainable Rewards in an Uncertain Environment

As health care evolves and organizations look to manage changes in care delivery, there are a number of environmental trends influencing the way in which executive compensation programs are being structured. Ongoing industry consolidation, the shift towards population health, evolving talent requirements and more are having a big impact on how organizations are developing their compensation strategies to align with an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

New mission-critical executive roles are in high demand, talent market markets are expanding and total compensation is increasing as a result. Moreover, as organizations continue to adopt more performance-based pay programs, annual and long-term incentives are evolving to align with value and to help support strategic goals, stability and leadership retention.

This changing health care environment requires a ‘best-fit’ approach to compensation, and organizations must weigh strategic, operational and image considerations as they develop solutions.

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