Becky Lorentz

Director of Marketing

Becky Lorentz is the Director of Marketing at SCH Services, where she is responsible for expanding the organization’s influence as a trusted advisor to health care and not-for-profit organizations. Leveraging a growing team of consulting experts and a strong understanding of emerging industry trends, Becky positions SC Services as the advisor and coach who can best help clients compete for talent, transform strategies, expand footprints and drive organizational performance.

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Becky has developed and executed a wide range of business initiatives, including branding, content strategy, events, product launches, sales strategy, research, go-to-market plans, and demand and financial forecasting.

Becky’s experience includes:

  • Presenting clear and comprehensive market communications for the firm’s product and service offerings.
  • Creating marketing opportunities that reinforce brand awareness, as well as enhance and foster relationships with existing and potential clients.
  • Producing tailored content such as articles, presentations, infographics, direct emails and social media posts to enhance brand awareness regarding the organization’s experience, services, educational opportunities, technology solutions and data.
  • Working with industry associations to share thought leadership and showcase firm experts via speaking engagements, webinars and publications.
  • Partnering with various media outlets to keep the industry informed of emerging trends and innovations while highlighting the firm’s resources and expertise.

Previously, Becky held local geographic marketing and global product marketing manager roles in a global human resources consulting firm. She’s also managed large market research projects at a customer experience management company and conducted inside and outside sales for a pharmaceuticals company.

Becky earned a Bachelor of Science in business management and marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from Saint Louis University, also in Missouri.

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