Modern Healthcare | Higher Stakes: Boards Play Pivotal Role in Hospital Direction

Evolution of the health care boardroom

As hospitals and health systems learn to navigate an increasingly consumer-driven marketplace for health care, the scope of the board’s responsibility continues to expand in kind.

To help organizations align with the industry’s new value-based performance goals and guidelines, trustees are now tasked with providing greater insight into emerging areas of focus such as consumer engagement, data analytics, information security and recruitment and retention.

Featured in the June 4th edition of Modern Healthcare, SullivanCotter discusses the evolution of boardroom activities from traditionally transactional into something much more complex.

In addition to overseeing executive compensation programs, boards are also taking the lead on other important issues such as cultural integration, leadership diversity, pay equity and more. Many are even diving deep into performance benchmarking and analyzing key quality metrics to help ensure alignment with and progress towards overall organizational goals.


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