ACHE | Healthcare Changes and New C-Suite Roles

Evolving C-Suite Roles in a Rapidly Changing Health Care Environment

In this article featured in the November/December issue of ACHE’s Healthcare Executive magazine, SullivanCotter’s Mark Rumans, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and Christina Terranova Asselta, Managing Director, discuss how health systems have created and defined new C-Suite roles and changed their leadership teams to adjust to the rapidly changing health care environment.



Acquiring Physician Practices: Key Strategic Considerations for a Successful Transaction

Evaluating physician practice acquisition opportunities

Featured in the November 2018 issue of hfm Magazine, Kyle Tormoehlen, Principal, and Dina Unrath, Principal, discuss how health systems must develop thoughtful strategies for evaluating physician practice acquisition opportunities due to the dwindling availability of acquisition prospects.

When developing a strategy for acquiring physician practices, health systems should address the following considerations:

  • The extent to which the strategic focus should be on primary care physicians versus specialists
  • Whether the objective for acquisitions is defensive or offensive
  • The need to acquire essential leadership talent
  • Whether acquiring practices or recruiting physicians is the more cost-effective approach



Infographic: Integrating Advanced Practice Providers

Ensuring Compliance and Mitigating Risk

The demand for advanced practice providers continues to grow, and health care organizations nationwide must understand how to effectively integrate, optimize and engage this increasingly important provider group while operating within the framework of federal and state laws, regulations and accreditation standards.

Learn more by reading the full article - featured in AHLA's 2017 Health Care Transaction Resource Guide.


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