Gain Access to Critical Benchmarks Adjusted for COVID-19 and the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Changes

2021 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) Adjusted Benchmarks

SullivanCotter Data

Derived from insights developed from recently collected CPT data and SullivanCotter’s consulting expertise, adjusted benchmarks are now available for use with the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule.

The  PFS-adjusted benchmarks are available for the following survey reports:

  • Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey Report
  • Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Report
  • Advanced Practice Provider Compensation and Productivity Survey Report

Third-Party Data

With appropriate licensing and nondisclosure agreements in place, SullivanCotter will provide adjusted benchmarks inclusive of other third-party market data sets.


  • Participants: $1,000 per report
  • Nonparticipants: $5,000 per report

Addressing COVID-19: Understanding Changes in Clinical Workforce Compensation and Productivity

After an unprecedented year, health care organizations across the nation face new and persisting challenges as they continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. SullivanCotter is offering enhanced reporting to help organizations understand COVID-19-related changes in work RVUs, compensation and productivity ratios for physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs) and other health care clinicians.

Organizations who submitted this additional information will be eligible to purchase detailed analyses and results from the new findings at an 80% discount off nonparticipant pricing.

How to Order

Contact us if your organization is interested in purchasing the detailed productivity data.

Pricing and Tiers

We offer three report tier options with expanded access to data, dynamic filters and analytics:

Tier 1 Reporting

  • Monthly wRVUs reported by specialty and specialty group
  • Data based on the 2020 physician fee-for-service schedule
  • Data delivery through data table results and online dashboard

Tier 2 Reporting

  • Includes access to all Tier 1 reports
  • Monthly work RVU volumes by CPT code by specialty and specialty group
  • Top codes by code family by median work RVU and volume by specialty
  • Estimated TCC per work RVU based on user defined adjustments
  • Interactive COVID analysis dashboards for estimated work RVUs and TCC to work RVUs:
    • Dynamic TCC adjustment factor calculator by specialty
  • Data delivery through Excel data table results and our Benchmarks360™ product suite

Tier 3 Reporting

  • Includes access to all Tier 1 and Tier 2 reports
  • Report on 2021 physician fee-for-service schedule effects on historical work RVUs
  • Subscription to the Benchmarks360™ Clinical CPT Manager module
    • What-if analysis to model effects of changing volumes and FTEs on work RVUs
    • E&M code changes visualizations
    • Code family changes visualizations
    • TCC and work RVUs comparisons by fee schedule years
    • Additional reporting and functionality
  • Data delivery through Excel data table results and our Benchmarks360™ product suite
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Introducing Benchmarks360™

Powered by our proprietary benchmarking information, Benchmarks360™ is an interactive suite of intelligent, web-based products that enables health care organizations to analyze and visualize workforce compensation and clinical productivity.

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Is your organization interested in providing additional data to help understand the impact of COVID-19 on clinical workforce compensation, work RVUs and productivity ratios?

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